XCV: Nature Walk

More like a death march.

On a windy day, she got the great idea to go tromping around at a local park. Which would have been fine if she hadn't also decided we must go with her.

When not being forced to march, we spent much of the time in trees.

Why, yes, there IS a heart carved on this tree.

Also, this . . .

Which she took as assigned seating.
Parts of the walk were rather desolate.

Yes, all right, John, so what if it is three pictures of the same tree? It makes my point, I think.

There were benches now and again to provide some relief.

More trees . . .

She said this was just an episode of True Detective waiting to happen.
I thought I was the true detective?

Children on and in trees as well.

And then! Finally! Something of interest! Evidence of murder done . . .

When paired with the "M" from earlier, I felt sure Jim had something to do with it.

Turned out to be a dead squirrel. Still, it brightened my day considerably, if briefly.

Then there were more trees . . .

One more bench.

See the yellow bag? We're in there.

Also, children on a bridge.

And mercifully we were finished. At least until Mother's Day brought us yet another forced stroll through the outdoors. But that's another post of another time.

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