XCII: Menagerie

Words are hardly required for most of this.

Sky Ride. We're safe in her bag.

Dipper, though not so big. Still safe in her bag.

The henchman had me . . .

. . . but I was soon, er, safe(?) again. Not in her bag.
(John is in her lap. He likes that kind of thing.)


XCI: Half Moon Bay (Part III)

All views, mind, and nothing of us.

We went for another walk yesterday afternoon:

 And then woke to a hazy morning.

She lolled for quite a while, I will say. We missed breakfast entirely. But when we did finally make it over to the Club, the skies had cleared.

Still, we spent the majority of the day in the room until housekeeping wanted to make the beds. Then we went out and she sat and wrote some more. Sigh.

The view while she was writing.
We came in. She kept writing. And then . . . bagpipes?

Later, a cozy fire. On the telly.

She chose this over Forensic Files.
But at least the staff had brought fresh hydrangeas.

Home tomorrow.


XC: Half Moon Bay (Part II)

Had a snack in the Club yesterday afternoon. Must say the hotel staff are very friendly. Nice view, too, from the Club:

(They took the Christmas tree down this morning.)

And here now is the view from our room at dusk:

Quite nice. The Club serves only evening hors d'oeuvres and snacks, so we ordered in dinner. Leave it to John to order something fruity to drink; I opted for a vanilla shake. Oh, but someone must have tipped off the staff that we like hydrangeas!

Not fooling anyone, Jim.
Prefer the blue ones, but will make do with white. Have them on the table now; The American took them from the service tray.

Woke to this:

And decided to go on a post-breakfast walk. Got down to the beach . . .

Sat on some rocks . . .

(Yes, Jim was there, too.)

View from a wooden bridge:

If we look untidy, well, it's because she keeps stuffing us in her bag. Bigger than the old bag but she carries a lot of stuff around.

Return trip:

And now we're back in the room. I expected housekeeping to come by while we were out, but they have not, so we anticipate a forthcoming interruption. In the meantime, She's writing and we're enjoying the view.


LXXXIX: Half Moon Bay (Part I)

Exploring our temporary digs in Half Moon Bay. At least we get our own bed.

John and I must share a chair, however, because She is using the desk chair for work, which leaves us only the armchairs. From which to stare at her.

Jim gets his own because neither of us will
sit with him.
Then John found this, so of course that's made him incredibly happy:

It reads: "Private Wine Cellar"

Bathroom is massive . . .

It's the kind of tub that's always trying to kill Her.
Might just stick with the shower.

We have a lovely view of the ocean but there's too much of a glare at this hour to take a decent photo. Will try later, once the sun is down a bit. If we're lucky, she'll get stuck on something and take us for a walk . . .


LXXXVIII: Happy . . .

This was our Christmas:

Can you find us?

And when we finally got out of the tree:

Wasn't me.

Later in the week, Jim attempted yet another escape, but they were only going back down to the Embarcadero. Again. They ate at Mijita . . .

Then went on to the Exploratorium, where She climbed into what's known as a Utica crib and scared children walking through (they thought she was a dummy . . . and then she moved).

To think we might have left her . . . And Jim . . .
Such are missed opportunities in life.
She kept him under guard because of the crowds; otherwise, he'd have had the perfect chance to make his getaway. But outside he did manage to climb to the top of a suspension bridge:

Staying on top, on the other hand . . .

He seems to be having difficulty staying on his feet these days. In any case, back in Her bag he went. Which is still better than the children having got hold of him. (That's the little one in the red hoodie; it was a near thing.)

For New Year's Eve they went to a movie.

No, this one's not out yet.
Then we stayed in for the remainder of the night, eating sushi and . . .

After having champagne, the beanbag chairs began to look comfortable.

What? We weren't the only ones covered in streamers.

And today, to start the year? A lovely walk in the local hills.

Though I'm not sure if She's blurry or it's just my eyesight. Hrm.

Tomorrow we're off to something called Half Moon Bay. More to come.