LXXXIX: Half Moon Bay (Part I)

Exploring our temporary digs in Half Moon Bay. At least we get our own bed.

John and I must share a chair, however, because She is using the desk chair for work, which leaves us only the armchairs. From which to stare at her.

Jim gets his own because neither of us will
sit with him.
Then John found this, so of course that's made him incredibly happy:

It reads: "Private Wine Cellar"

Bathroom is massive . . .

It's the kind of tub that's always trying to kill Her.
Might just stick with the shower.

We have a lovely view of the ocean but there's too much of a glare at this hour to take a decent photo. Will try later, once the sun is down a bit. If we're lucky, she'll get stuck on something and take us for a walk . . .

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