LIII: We Has a Chair

She says it's hers, an early birthday gift. We say otherwise.

LII: Fairyland

No, really. She took us to a place called Fairyland. These were just outside the gates:

Let me state for the record (should it not be clear) that I only attended this outing under extreme duress. I cannot speak for John—

(What's that? What do you mean I normally do? Never mind.)

but while I'd say he does normally enjoy being roughly handled by fetching young ladies, I suspect even he had moments of concern for his wellbeing.

We were riding on some kind of trolley.

And this one is a tad too pleased
to have his hands on me here.
Fairyland provided questionable accommodations, but luckily we were not required to make use of them.

There was a maze as well, wherein we visited with the Duchess of Wonderland (not a country I'm familiar with; I'll have to quiz Mycroft about it later as he tends to know all the major international players).

Once we'd escaped all that, The American took to climbing trees for no good reason. Which is very like her and therefore not at all surprising. (John and I, meanwhile, are in her bag.)

We were allowed out to do some climbing of our own on a nearby park structure.

But of course she was not to be outdone and climbed right up with us.

Captive again.
Then we came home to this:

No, Jim, we do not want to see what you're hiding under the wrapping.


LI: Giving Thanks (& a Movie)

John and I skipped out on the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner bit and chose to hide in the bedroom while a large crowd of people assembled downstairs. I had thought (hoped) that would be the end of it, but was forcibly rousted from my sanctuary this evening for dinner out and a movie.

Already the restaurant (Zephyr Bar & Grill) had added a festive touch to its menu:

She had butternut squash bisque and a Caesar salad. I had bread.

It was good. Very filling. And there were three kinds of spread.

I also felt it might not be a bad idea to get a start on the holiday spirits.

I get the sense I might need a lot of this
to get through the coming weeks.

After dinner we went next door to the cinema. It's a nice little independent showplace. If we hadn't just eaten, we could have ordered a meal for the movie. As it was, we opted for the traditional popcorn and soda.

The movie was Argo. I liked it. She did too. I suppose if I must come out of hiding over a long holiday weekend, this is as good a way to do it as any.


L: Here Come Horses

I'll confess when John told me he'd seen some brightly colored ponies in the house I thought he might have begun dipping into whatever supplies he keeps stored in his old medical kit. But then I saw one myself.

And a couple more after that.

And one with somewhat queenly raiment.

And finally some that might have been juveniles.

Deciding this merited further investigation, I eventually discovered the ponies belonged to The American's daughter. She keeps them as part of some kind of bizarre collection. (No, John, I don't think we're part of any kind of bizarre . . . Wait . . .)

In any case, of course John wanted to pet them. So:

Yes, John, I do think the horsies are pretty. Sigh.


XLIX: While You Were Out

It seems that while we were away in Texas last month, Jim made use of his freedom. He had thus far been confined to the house, but like a cat with a window screen . . .

He taunted us by sending these images to The American's mobile phone. But who was taking the photos?

If only this had been the end of it.

No, John, I'm not "affected" by this except to wish we either had higher windows or harder pavement.

And that was the last anyone had seen of him for a good while, until . . .

Yes, John, I do have a pretty good idea of who sent it. And so should you.

Early Christmas. If Christmas were, in fact, all about getting things you don't want . . . Yes, John, I realize I'm terrible at gifting. But this proves Mycroft is worse.

Better wrapping.

There now. Cozy at home.

For now at least.