XLIX: While You Were Out

It seems that while we were away in Texas last month, Jim made use of his freedom. He had thus far been confined to the house, but like a cat with a window screen . . .

He taunted us by sending these images to The American's mobile phone. But who was taking the photos?

If only this had been the end of it.

No, John, I'm not "affected" by this except to wish we either had higher windows or harder pavement.

And that was the last anyone had seen of him for a good while, until . . .

Yes, John, I do have a pretty good idea of who sent it. And so should you.

Early Christmas. If Christmas were, in fact, all about getting things you don't want . . . Yes, John, I realize I'm terrible at gifting. But this proves Mycroft is worse.

Better wrapping.

There now. Cozy at home.

For now at least.

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