LII: Fairyland

No, really. She took us to a place called Fairyland. These were just outside the gates:

Let me state for the record (should it not be clear) that I only attended this outing under extreme duress. I cannot speak for John—

(What's that? What do you mean I normally do? Never mind.)

but while I'd say he does normally enjoy being roughly handled by fetching young ladies, I suspect even he had moments of concern for his wellbeing.

We were riding on some kind of trolley.

And this one is a tad too pleased
to have his hands on me here.
Fairyland provided questionable accommodations, but luckily we were not required to make use of them.

There was a maze as well, wherein we visited with the Duchess of Wonderland (not a country I'm familiar with; I'll have to quiz Mycroft about it later as he tends to know all the major international players).

Once we'd escaped all that, The American took to climbing trees for no good reason. Which is very like her and therefore not at all surprising. (John and I, meanwhile, are in her bag.)

We were allowed out to do some climbing of our own on a nearby park structure.

But of course she was not to be outdone and climbed right up with us.

Captive again.
Then we came home to this:

No, Jim, we do not want to see what you're hiding under the wrapping.

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