LXXVII: America's Pastime

I was subjected to this yesterday:

Well, first this:

Not sure what's wrong with the boy here
And then:

What you get when you let the boy use the camera
And to make it all the worse:

Yes, that is candy floss
And John had the gall to be jealous of all this. By all means, John, next time you may go in my stead.


LXXVI: The Last Day

Our last full day in London started with a stroll down to Seven Dials for some shopping before heading on to Highgate.

More pens than last time.

John was excited to find, as he put it,
"a head bigger than" mine.
She is inordinately fond of statues and monuments . . .

It occurs to me upon review she may simply be inordinately fond of angels.

Our final meal was at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. Once again, I somehow failed to merit a seat at the table, but was given a consolation prize at the end of the night.

The following morning we packed up and flew away.

LXXV: Day 4

We started with a walk down to Westminster Abbey.

And then went in Westminster Abbey, but they don't allow photos inside. Still, nice gardens:

And the food in the Cellarium was actually remarkably good.

Then on to the National Gallery. Because somehow we had not managed to see enough museums yet.

Another lion. Because we can't not take a
picture of that.

We had reservations for tea at Apsleys that day, too. So we went over to Hyde Park for a bit.

She wanted a picture with these because they
are her favourite colour.

And on to tea.

Waiting in the Library Bar

And then they sat us at a very visible table.

They fed us so much, we had to walk back to The Savoy just to work it all off.

We made that one an early night.

LXXIV: Day 3

This time I chose to stay in and sent John and Jim off. They went first to Harrod's then on to the V&A (another museum, and her particular favorite).


She loves the castings room.

Then it was off to The Globe to see Macbeth.

And just general walking around, buying tea and taking random photos.

They went out to Piccadilly Circus later that night but left us to make our own fun.

Don't ask how it ended.


Forever to be known as Day of the Museum.

Actually, we went to several museums, but on this particular day we spent most of our time at the British Museum. Tickets for the Pompeii exhibit, you know.

More lions.

This time we left Jim at the hotel.

And here are a random assortment of artifacts. She'll take a picture of just about anything really.

From the Erechtheion
Yes, John, I do rather like the dead people.

For a muse of comedy, she doesn't appear
to be very "amused." (Yes, John, bad joke.)

A Roman Isis

That evening dinner was at Petrus. Oh, yes, very nice. And I spent the entire time in her bag.

While she was petted by the staff and given the special treat of a tour of the kitchens. *sniff*

At least I walked out with a little something.

And that was the close of Day 2.