Forever to be known as Day of the Museum.

Actually, we went to several museums, but on this particular day we spent most of our time at the British Museum. Tickets for the Pompeii exhibit, you know.

More lions.

This time we left Jim at the hotel.

And here are a random assortment of artifacts. She'll take a picture of just about anything really.

From the Erechtheion
Yes, John, I do rather like the dead people.

For a muse of comedy, she doesn't appear
to be very "amused." (Yes, John, bad joke.)

A Roman Isis

That evening dinner was at Petrus. Oh, yes, very nice. And I spent the entire time in her bag.

While she was petted by the staff and given the special treat of a tour of the kitchens. *sniff*

At least I walked out with a little something.

And that was the close of Day 2.

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