LXXII: From the Top

I'll go back a bit and discuss the beginnings of our recent travels. We stopped in Atlanta, where I was subjected to things like "Yahtzee" and "tamales."

And humidity that makes even London feel dry by comparison.

Finally, though, we did get off to London . . .

Stayed at The Savoy

Would have preferred a water view,
but at least the courtyard was quiet.
A sand artist along Southbank.
Here we are outside the Tate Modern on Day 1.
John and I stayed in that evening. It was almost certainly a mistake to allow Jim out, but we decided since he'd be chaperoned . . .

Harmless enough. But then they went on the Eye.

God knows what he's plotting.

And went for a walk 'round Westminster, making a stop at her usual lion.

She always says she "gets to fight the lion."
I don't pretend to understand, just ignore her.
Nice night for it, though.

Thus ended Day 1.

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