XXI: John Comes Home

For the past couple days, I continued to receive pictures on my phone.

At least I knew he was eating well.

And up very late.

And keeping tabs on me.
I spoke to some of our housemates to see if they had any idea where John had gone and with whom.

This is Sir Puffy.

And I'm sure you remember Beary. (Or Barry. Or Berry. Still don't know how it's spelled.)
But it seems I should have saved myself the effort. Because when I woke up this morning--after several sleepless nights--John was home. And had done the shopping.

We stayed in and watched something called Grimm. It made absolutely no sense to me, but John liked it. He does always seem to enjoy the weird ones.

And no, I haven't asked where he was. I'll figure that out on my own, later, when I have access to his personal belongings.


XX: The Mystery Continues

Two more photos of John were texted to me today.

He's moved to yet another unknown location.

And he's enjoying himself far too much besides.
Despite his looking robust, I am beginning to worry . . .


XIX: John Is Missing

John went out last night. I didn't think much of it; in fact, I didn't notice until after he'd gone. (Which is to say, when tea didn't materialize.) Even then I wasn't worried. He goes out, he comes back . . . sometimes with groceries, which is a definite plus.

But then I began receiving strange pictures on my phone.

Evidently on an airplane...

And at a hotel...

Tell me why he needs such a large bed?
And who tucked him in, exactly?

Where IS this place?
Aside from the pictures, which have been sent as text messages, I've heard nothing from John. And while he appears none the worse for wear, I have to wonder: who is taking these photos?