XC: Half Moon Bay (Part II)

Had a snack in the Club yesterday afternoon. Must say the hotel staff are very friendly. Nice view, too, from the Club:

(They took the Christmas tree down this morning.)

And here now is the view from our room at dusk:

Quite nice. The Club serves only evening hors d'oeuvres and snacks, so we ordered in dinner. Leave it to John to order something fruity to drink; I opted for a vanilla shake. Oh, but someone must have tipped off the staff that we like hydrangeas!

Not fooling anyone, Jim.
Prefer the blue ones, but will make do with white. Have them on the table now; The American took them from the service tray.

Woke to this:

And decided to go on a post-breakfast walk. Got down to the beach . . .

Sat on some rocks . . .

(Yes, Jim was there, too.)

View from a wooden bridge:

If we look untidy, well, it's because she keeps stuffing us in her bag. Bigger than the old bag but she carries a lot of stuff around.

Return trip:

And now we're back in the room. I expected housekeeping to come by while we were out, but they have not, so we anticipate a forthcoming interruption. In the meantime, She's writing and we're enjoying the view.

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