XCVI: Mother's Day

John has pointed out I haven't posted here in a while, but I have my reasons. In any case, I'll make up for it now by starting with Mother's Day. My mother certainly wasn't around, but The American has three children, so it appears she qualifies for special treatment on this particular holiday.

Special treatment in America (or at least California) = food trucks.

I can't even . . .

Something they call "Off the Grid."

Fine, then, we might have eaten and been through with it all, but then . . .

If you do the maths, you will come to the total of us having gone to a Japanese garden. God only knows why. Maybe because Hakone is one of the oldest and most authentic of such gardens in the Western Hemisphere. Also, The American really likes flowers. Not that there were many. Bamboo, yes, and origami, but not much in bloom.

That, then, was Mother's Day. More to come.

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