LXVII: This Again

Yesterday we went and did this again:

Only this time I was determined not to be the only one roped into it.

There were four musical acts instead of the usual three. We waited near the stage for the first act to be announced. (They're always a mystery until the moment of reveal, which I'll admit is rather fun. If you like that kind of thing. Which I do.)

She's waiting. We're in her bag.
Turned out the first singer was someone named Demi Lovato. As youngsters flooded the field, we retreated.

Second act was better, and we watched from a safe vantage point.

We've seen them twice before, will see them again in August, but . . .

Then came something or someone named Pitbull?

And finally, as the last act (called Nickelback) took the stage, we went for snacks of one kind . . .

And another . . .

She looks better without the hat.
I thought perhaps with John there, I'd avoid it this year . . .

Remember last year?
Alas, no.

Misery loves company?
(Yes, John, I realize you were far from miserable.)

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