LXVI: Agenda

I have seen the schedule for London. You may, if you have sharp eyes, spot us there the first week of July. Then again, it's just as likely she'll keep us in her bag. But here are some of the places we may appear, if she gives us any amount of liberty. In no particular order:

  • The London Eye (at night because she's already done it during daylight and wasn't very impressed)
  • Apsleys (for tea)
  • The Globe (to see Macbeth)
  • Petrus (for dinner)
  • The Savoy
  • The British Museum (because she wants to see the Pompeii exhibit, God, what a bore)
  • Highgate (because she's always wandering around in there)
  • Alain Ducasse (at The Dorchester, also for dinner)
  • That place she likes to go buy fudge (John says it's Hope and Greenwood, and he would know because he does love sweets)
  • Regent's Park & the garden at St. John's Lodge (because she's always wandering around there, too)
  • The Orangery

God only knows where else. She wears us out all over the city like that. But if you don't see us, look for the woman with all the colors in her hair and the glittery toenails. She's got us in her bag. But she's been known to let people take pictures with us if they ask nicely.

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