LXV: A Reign of Roses

I've never known anyone to take so many pictures of flowers. She goes about her garden in the mornings and afternoons, snapping photos of all her roses, her camellias . . . I'll grudgingly admit they're a fine lot, but does she really need so many pictures?

This is the camellia.

And then it was our turn to inspect said plants. Out front . . .

They're not all roses. These ones are a kind of ground cover that open when the full sun falls on them. They quite suit John, I think.

Geraniums, too.

No idea what this is. With my luck, it's a flowering weed of some kind. But I do rather like the color. Goes nice with my coat and scarf.

And in the back garden . . .

Biggest flower I'd ever seen. Bigger than my head.

Thorns not so comfortable to stand on, however.
 And for a bit of fun, some "hidden pictures."

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