LXIX: London 2013 (Part I)

Not the Fossil bag. This is the carry-on.

I would attempt to describe her to you so you might find us, but she's gone and changed her hair colour again and now it is (mostly) normal looking, which means I cannot say, "Look for the blue and pink and purple" because it's more strawberry with white blonde streaks.

If she happens to wear her sandals, however, you will be able to spot her one toe:

We will most likely be in her bag. It is brown leather, piped in black (so it goes with everything), made by Fossil. She only lets us out (a) if the weather is good, and (b) for photographs. Find us if you can.

We are staying at The Savoy, but there are other places to look as well: the London Eye on Monday evening, a Pompeii exhibit at the British Museum on Tuesday afternoon, Petrus on Tuesday night, The Globe on Wednesday afternoon, tea at Apsleys Thursday, dinner at The Dorchester on Friday . . . In other words, very busy. And these are only the firmly scheduled activities; we might end up anywhere on any other day or time. Highgate again, almost certainly. Sigh.

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