XLVI: Plaid & Princesses

We started our day like this:

No, John, it's not a "love knot." It's not any kind of knot. We didn't literally begin our day tied together with a scarf, did we? No. Because that would be . . . Look, I was only trying to give them a hint as to what we did today. But clearly they're not smart enough to understand, so I'll make it easier.

And for those who still don't follow, I'll put it plainly: we went to the Scottish Highland Gathering & Games. Because The American, as it turns out, is Scottish on her mother's side (Clan Innes, which is the tartan you see in the scarf picture).

While there we had traditional foods such as bangers, beans, fish, and chips:

We saw Clydesdales, too.

And, of course, a lot of men in kilts playing bagpipes. Which, I must point out, makes my violin playing sound practically angelic.

Some played while walking.

Others played while standing in a circle.

We had traditional candy called tablet, but no one bothered to take a picture of it.

Later in the afternoon we had invitations to a royal birthday party.

John is ever the ladies' man.

Apparently it's bad form to decline when the princess asks you if you'd like a ride in her carriage.

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