XLII: State of the Union

She took us to Washington D.C. for the weekend. And by "us" I mean me and John; after all, it wouldn't be safe to take Dear Jim into the heart of the nation's capitol, now would it?

We stayed near Dupont Circle, which might mean something to some of you, but at any rate the room was quite large and very nice.

It had a vanity area separate from the shower . . .

And even a little table and chairs to eat at.

John was very impressed with the walk-in shower and the kitchenette and such. It really doesn't take much to dazzle him.

Meanwhile, we began receiving these kinds of images on The American's mobile phone:

He is, quite literally, in the closet.

The following day we met up with a friend (of hers, not ours, obviously). There was brunch and gelato and a lot of walking in the heat before we went to see what we'd actually flown all the way out there to see, namely her play.

I wasn't really paying attention, so I can't say much about it except there was air con, which was nice.

After that: more walking. We ate at a place called Elephant & Castle. Did she get bangers and mash? (Yes, it was on the menu. As were fish and chips, shepherd's pie . . .) NO. She got a salad. A salad.

This is the friend. Her name is Ellen. John thinks
she's cute, but then John thinks all women are "cute."

And then ever more walking. We saw this:

And of course had to take our picture with it . . .

(No, John, it doesn't look like I'm trying to escape;
I am, in fact, trying to escape.)

It was unmercifully hot, I must say. Which is why she went and put her feet in the fountain.

Yes. Even though it said not to. But there were so many people doing it, so of course that makes it all right. (Yes, John, that was sarcasm.)

And may I point out her parents are Veterans?

Meanwhile, more pictures on the phone:

(I take this to mean he came out
of the closet at some point.)

Finally, we went indoors again. To a museum. They had a collection of Stradivarius violins. But of course The American was far more pleased with this:

She started talking in a funny voice, saying, "Oh, Kermie" . . . She's not a pig, John, she's actually lost weight . . . What? . . . No, I don't get it.

After the museum we walked a bit more. Stopped to sit here.

Then had dinner and called it a night.

Flew home today and found this:

The little hooligans had cornered him on the light fixture. For once I'm inclined to say the kids are all right.

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