XLI: Take Me Out . . .

. . . to an non-existant ball game, evidently. We were at a ball park, mind. But we were there for this:

I don't own a baseball cap, so this was the best I could do.

Things like balloon animals happened (somewhat terrifying), and a lot of food. And then music. Or what passes for music in this part of the world.

The above isn't music, it's me being held against . . . my will. Here is a picture from the first act:

They were called "Lifehouse."

Had heard a bit of their music on The American's iPod thingy.

And after that:

This one's name was Jennifer Hudson.

Not terribly interesting until she did the Whitney Houston medley.

(What? No, John, I don't want to dance with you. Why would I?)

And finally:

Bruno Mars.

After much sun and heat and ever more food, we went inside. Where there were ball park-type things like:


(Yes, John, a lot of balls.)

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