LVII: Falafel, Fizzary & Funny

She took us into the city today with the idea of seeing a stand-up comedian. But we didn't drive in. We took something called BART.

Not very comfortable; John is heavier than you might think.

To make up for it, she fed us falafel at a place called Old Jerusalem.

Quite good, actually.
She's got a shawarma there that she didn't share with us.
Then she found a soda shop. You must understand, as an American she loves soda. It is her chief vice. And this soda shop, known as The Fizzary, was filled with soda. And candy. But mostly soda.

She bought six bottles of various types of soda
and a bag of taffy, also of varying flavors.

After a brief stop at a bookstore, we finally moved along to the main event of the night.

She had a front-row seat.

Eddie Izzard

He was funny, though she and John laughed harder than I did. But I smiled. When no one was looking.

I said: when no one was looking.

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