LV: On the Side of the Angels

Jim drew Angelic Host duty this year. Better him than me.

Who's on the side of the angels now, hmm?

(And also on the side of dinosaurs, giant crabs, robots, and someone visiting from the Starship Enterprise, apparently.)

A few others came late to this party:

Note the addition of Iron Man and some pirates.
No, John, it is not ham night. I'm not even sure what that means . . . Though I did hear they're planning on ham for Christmas dinner. What do you mean, 'That explains the pirates'?

And she had to use pins to hold on the halo and wings because nonstick foil won't take tape. Ha! The very idea makes my Christmas quite merry.

Happy Holidays.


John said...

You didn't see that pirate movie.

Sherlock said...

Seems unlikely that I did, yes. Unless I saw it and immediately forgot about it, which has been known to happen.