XXXII: London 2012, Part Two

Yesterday we went to Covent Garden. In her bag. She didn't let us out there, either. She just bought a bunch of etchings by a local artist.

But she did allow us some air in Green Park:

Rather a grey day, though, and windy.

Today dawned bright and clear, however, and we persuaded her to take us to Regent's Park, even though we knew it would be crowded. So after she did some work and ran to the market (I'll grudgingly admit she's getting the hang of that), we went out.

And she did let us out a bit.

Wearing my deerstalker to avoid being recognized
by my adoring public.

Jim tried to trick us with an April Fool's . . .

Her favourite spot, mind, is here:

Garden of St John's Lodge

Fine on a cloudy weekday, but far too crowded on a warm and sunny Sunday.

I chose a shadier spot:

Of course, with her going on about needing to get work done, it was back to the flat before long.

Sitting here watching her work is really boring . . . Anyone interested in coming to amuse me should apply at 21 Eccleston Square.

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