XVI: Postponement

It's like Atonement, but . . . No, actually, it's nothing like Atonement. Except maybe all that water.

We were supposed to travel to New York City this afternoon. Alas, a hurricane--called Irene, appropriately enough--has forced us to remain where we are. I was for going all the same, but The American believes in erring on the side of caution or some such twaddle.

She's promised to take me there some other weekend. I suppose the up side to all this is that we won't miss tonight's Torchwood and will be home for Doctor Who tomorrow as well. Assuming there's power. Though the dark is always fun too.

And now we're having Indian food delivered, and if I promise to behave, she'll let me ride the dog later.


John said...

Also on the up side, you get to spend the weekend with me.

Sherlock said...

Yes, John, like every other weekend. I'll attempt to contain my enthusiasm.