II: The Giant Cat of Sumatra

There was early evidence of some kind of beastly creature having been on the premises...

Tracked to its source, it became clear that the people here actively encourage the animal to inhabit their space, or at the very least make it easy for it to do so by making food and water readily available:

Awful, messy thing. (And yes, I am aware that John has been known to say the same of me, but at least I don't stick my entire face in a bowl of water when I need a drink.)

My first look at the beast:

I took care to hang back and approach slowly, but it quickly became obvious that the beast is far too lazy to put forth any effort in catching me. Rather like Mycroft in that respect.

So I got a bit closer.

(It occurs to me to wonder why I have no shoes . . .)

We seem to have come to a truce of sorts. We've made decidedly unspecific plans to meet next week for tea, though the creature's mention of a Mad Hatter has made me uneasy.

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Christine said...

*LOL* That was great!